Our Story - Honeymoon Adventures in New England - Atlanta to Boston

In the last installation of Our Story, I told a little about our timeline of how we met. I'll probably add more details here and there in the future, but I want to talk about our awesome amazing honeymoon to New England!

Levi and I both love road trips. And adventures. And going places we've never been before. When we were talking about where to go for our honeymoon, we instantly knew we wanted to do something fun and different that would make memories. We'd talked about going to New England "one day" but had never really put a date on when "one day" was. Levi surprised me by suggesting that we just go for our honeymoon! We started planning and looking at places. To be honest, I didn't realize how compact New England is. In the south, you can sometimes drive for hours and not see any cities or really anything at all other than small, empty towns. Not so in NE. Many of the places we definitely wanted to see were only a couple hours apart! A road trip would be so do-able! Plane tickets were purchased (stand-by tickets... see below), locations were researched, and Bed & Breakfasts decided on.

B&B's rock, btw!!

Our itinerary for New England: Atlanta, GA -> Boston, MA -> Kennebunk Port, ME -> Portland, ME -> Montreal, QC -> Niagara Falls, NY -> Newport, RI

Day 1: Atlanta & Airport Angst
We started out in Atlanta and stayed at the Maison LaVigne in Hapeville, GA. Gorgeous B&B! Very charming with lots of historic touches, a resident cat, and excellent hosts that make excellent breakfasts.

We left the B&B well rested and well-fed and arrived at the airport in plenty of time to have many flights for our standby tickets. Levi had worked out multiple options to get us to Boston, so we just knew we had no reason to worry. Ticket sales had looked promising the night before, and standby lists were short. 

However, soon after we got settled into our seats at the gate, we realized pretty quickly that flights were looking very full. As in overbooked by 5-10 seats.... Levi talked to a few of the counter attendants who quickly told us that there was "absolutely no way" we were flying out of Atlanta on standby that day. We checked flights out of nearby airports and decided our best chance of getting to Boston that night was to get to Charlotte and catch a flight. Since a plane wasn't going to get us there, we decided to rent a car and drive 3.5 hrs from Atlanta to Charlotte and take our chances there. 

So we rented a car. However, it's Masters Weekend. 

Any non-golf fans, lemme fill you in. Masters is a huge golf tournament in Augusta, GA, that happens every year and floods the tourist industry with much needed income... and forces car rental prices to skyrocket. So yes. We rented a car. And mortgaged our firstborn to do so. BUT we got a car and made our way to Charlotte, finally making it after dark. We get to the airport, check-in, and the ticket counter attendants inform us that Charlotte, just like Atlanta, is overbooked, and there is only one flight that we might maybe perhaps get a couple seats on. So, we wait. And wait. And wait. Checking on other flights, watching full planes take off without us, and get more and more exhausted (remember, tail end of wedding weekend!). 

Finally, last flight out. 11:45 pm. We're the only standby passengers left with the airline. We're watching all the full-paying customers line up, get their tickets scanned, and board the airplane. I knew we weren't going to get on this flight. No way. We'd missed too many all day. And I cried. I'll admit it. Sobbing, sloppy mess... crying in the airport. And nothing I could do about it. All the stress, all the exhaustion, all the mad dash from here to there finally caught up with me. 

20 people left in line. 17. 12. Still no call for us. Levi gets up one last time to check with the counter. The lady shakes her head no, no more seats. More sloppy sobbing. 

Suddenly, the other attendant says, 
"Wait a minute...." and starts counting who's left in line.
"Hold up. Seriously." He makes a call to the plane.
I'm watching from across the room, holding my breath....
"TWO SEATS! There are two seats! Hurry hurry!!"
My sobs turn to hiccuped laughing, Levi fist pumps the air in victory, and we run onto the plane, the last two passengers on the last flight out that night. I didn't even care that my bag didn't fit in the overhead compartment or under the seat in front of me. I didn't care that the lady next to me fell asleep leaning on my shoulder. We made it to Boston! At 2:30 am. But we made it. And we crawled into our bed at the Beech Tree Inn and slept until lunchtime the next day!


Friday Fieldnotes

Every Friday (that I remember to do it), I'll post my favorites for the week - those books, songs, shows, thoughts, places, and things that I just can't put down.

This week, my faves are:

Her Fearful Symmetry by Audrey Niffenegger 

Twin girls inherit their estranged aunt's apartment in London, and they move there only to find that everything is never as it seems and the past will always haunt you.

I enjoyed the book - finished it in 24 hrs. But I was disappointed with the turn of events. I felt that the author touched on the darkness of human nature but did not actually pick it up and examine it. Maybe she left it there for the reader to wrestle with? I don't know.

I would recommend it, though, to anyone that likes modern fiction with a twist of the supernatural.

Red Cactus Cafe Tamales and Empanadas in Marietta, GA

Photo from Red Cactus Cafe Facebook Page

Picked up a few of these at the Marietta Square Farmer's Market. Oh heavens.

My favorites are the pork and tomatillo and the chicken and jalapeno.

I got hooked on tamales when I went to a friend's Mexican wedding in California a couple years back. It's hard to find "authentic" tamales just anywhere, but I am super happy with these. YUM!

Garden & Gun magazine
I subscribed recently to this magazine, wanting something a little less "mass-produced" as Southern Living (don't get me wrong, I still love Southern Living!). And of course, the first issue I receive is the Food Issue.

As a die-hard, self-proclaimed foodie, I have been enthralled and overjoyed to have this magazine in my hands this week and read all about heirloom tomatoes, farm-to-table pork chops, and foraged wild asparagus.

I highly recommend this mag to anyone interested in Southern Culture and History. Check out their website, too!


I used to write all the time - daily entries, stories, poems, dreams. And then for some reason, I stopped. I recently found all my empty journals though that I've been saving for "some day," and I've started to fill them up again. It's very therapeutic and relaxing. I don't know if I ever solve any problems while journaling, but sometimes putting pen to paper and getting cyclical thoughts OUT of your mind really help to create a calm spirit. So, I've been trying to get in the habit of writing again. Sometimes I just jot down quotes, and sometimes I write pages and pages of thoughts and ideas and worries down. I've realized again how much I need it. :)

NPR Atlanta

I'll be honest. I hate pop music. And radio commercials. And most radio "personalities." So I listen to NPR. Where else can you get Scarlatti, Civil War history, world news, and Irish Folk music all in the same place? Case closed.

I hope you enjoy reading about this weeks favorites! What are you loving right now?


Our Story - How We Met - A Timeline

January 2012: Anna creates online dating profile on lesser known Christian dating website. Location: GA, USA.

Beginning of February 2012: Levi also creates online dating profile on said site. Location: Beirut, Lebanon.

End of February 2012: Their paths cross. Levi actually reads all of Anna's lengthy and wordy profile. Anna stalks all of Levi's three pictures and partially-completed Facebook profile. 

March 2012 - August 2012: Anna and Levi chat via Facebook, email, Skype, etc. He thinks she's cool. She thinks he's cool. Levi finishes up his work in Lebanon and backpacks through Europe, finding internet cafes here and there to send Anna update emails. She is jealous of his Grande European Tour. 

August 2012: Levi prepares to return to the USA. He asks Anna out for coffee and later for a concert. She says yes.

September 10, 2012: Anna and Levi have their first date at Starbucks in Athens, GA. She doesn't acknowledge that it's a date. But she does acknowledge that he's tall and has pretty eyes. Levi does invisible victory fist-pumps the entire evening. They have a marvelous time. 

September 2012 - October 2013: Anna and Levi go on many, many adventures, dates, outings, stay-ins, and trips. They fall in love. They talk about marriage. They go ring shopping. Levi takes Anna's Dad "golfing."

October 5, 2013: Levi takes Anna to Tallulah Gorge in north Georgia to go "hiking." She knows the real reason why they're going.... And yes, they do hike - to the top of "Inspiration Point." He suddenly gets inspiration, kneels on one knee with an open ring box, and says, " You're all I've ever wanted, and you're all I'll ever want. Will you marry me, Anna?" She says yes and cries. Then they hike some more.

October 2013 - March 2014: Wedding preparations are made, Levi gets a job transfer to the Atlanta area, rental houses are searched for and decided upon, all of Anna's boxes and boxes of books and sundries are moved in along with Levi's haphazardly packed crates, and wedding invitations are sent.

April 5, 2014: Anna and Levi get married at Lake Rabun Pavilion in Lakemont, Georgia, only a few miles from Tallulah Gorge (where they got engaged). Family and friends are there to celebrate the beautiful weather, tasty food, and super happy newlyweds. At the end of the day, Anna and Levi ride away in this. And happily ever after. At least that's the plan. ;)

Next "Our Story" post: Honeymoon Adventures in New England


About Us

I'm Anna, and this is my husband Levi. 

We live in Atlanta, GA, and we've been married since April 2014. (Look at his cute wittle face!)

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This is a blog of our adventures! I'll be writing about our love story, setting up housekeeping, our travels, and any other fun and interesting stuff that I think up. 

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